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Where history and unforgettable coffee collide.

Ngaporo Coffee Bar is located inside the rear of Riverboat Centre and Museum with a outlook over Te Awa Tupua - Whanganui River 


Ngaporo takes its name from the Ngaporo Rapid, located approx 9km north of Pipiriki, and is one of over 200 rapids on the Whanganui River.

The heart of Derelict Coffee is rooted in The Forgotten World, with its blends named after settlements in the area. Derelict Coffee is inspired by Ohura, a settlement the Forgotten World Highway, Well.. forgot. A world previously accessed via the Whanganui River, first by Māori, then by European settlers as a water highway for trade and tourism, and then in the late 1800s a fleet of 12 riverboats run by Hatrick & CO.

The M.V. Ohura operated the river between Pipiriki and Tangarakau, once a booming settlement of 1200, now a present-day ghost town of the Forgotten World Highway. Coincidentally, the name of the M.V. Ohura, like that of the M.V. Ongarue, takes its name from the rivers feeding into Te awa Tupua - Whanganui River. On 6 May 1940, the M.V. Ohura capsized while descending Ngaporo with a cargo of 44 cattle and 170 cull lambs, The tragedy was caused by the cargo of livestock moving to one side of the vessel and claimed the lives of three crew members, Deck Hands, George Ropata, Kawa Te Hore, and Engineer Bob Grey.

The M.V. Ohura never re-entered service following the tragedy, with her remains being buried in the riverbank in the Bullock & Co yard near the Cobham Bridge (State Highway 3).

Ngaporo is a name bestowed upon our coffee bar by Paul, Founder of Derelict, in remembrance of the crew who lost their lives that fateful day. May their memory live on.