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Aromatics on the awa

A collaborative mesmerizing aromatic tasting by Joa’s Wines and Papaiti Gin.

From NZD 55.00

Join us for an extraordinary Wine & Gin Tasting Event where we'll unravel the mesmerizing scents that define both grape and juniper spirits.


Come on board the Waimarie as we explore the intricate aromas that grace our finest wines and premium gins. From floral bouquets to citrus bursts, and from delicate herbaceous notes to spicy undertones, each sip will Transport you to a realm of olfactory delight.


Joas Wines and Papaiti Gin will guide you through the nuances of aroma appreciation, revealing the secrets behind each captivating scent. Discover how the art of distillation and aging shapes the aromatic profiles of our carefully selected wines and gins and learn to discern the subtle complexities that make each sip truly remarkable.


Gather your fellow aroma enthusiasts and join us for an evening of enlightenment and enjoyment.